The Region

Covilhã is a Portuguese city belonging in Castelo Branco district, the central region, the sub-region of Cova da Beira, and the former province of Beira Baixa.

It is the Serra da Estrela doors, and has 36,356 inhabitants in its urban area, consisting of five parishes: Covilhã and Canhoso, Teixoso and Sarzedo, Cantar-Galo and Vila do Carvalho, and Boidobra and Tortosendo. It is the land of the wool industry, worker-oriented, the 500's cradle of discoverers, and today is a city with a very reputable university.

The highest point in mainland Portugal, "A Torre" (The Tower), 1,993m, belongs to the parishes of Unhais da Serra (Covilhã), São Pedro (Manteigas), Loriga (Seia) and Alvoco da Serra (Seia), being included in three cities: Covilhã, Manteigas, and Seia, but is located around 20 km from the urban center of Covilhã, being Covilhã the nearest Portuguese city of highest point in mainland Portugal.

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Covilhã has many and large green spaces throughout the city. They are clean and quiet spaces, ideal for spending a relaxed afternoon, alone or accompanied.


Throughout the city you will find many places for religious practices, as churches or chapels.


Being a steep city, Covilhã has several free use elevators for easy access and mobility to various points of the city.

Urban Art

Urban art is one of the newest bets of the Covilhã city. The works had become one of the references in national sector.

The city

Covilhã has much more to offer! Visit the city and get to know one of the most beautiful spots of the interior.

The Region

Take a few days to know the surrounding areas of the city, Serra da Estrela, and the traditional villages often forgotten in the interior corners.

Getting to Covilha?

Useful contacts

Bus central
Tel: 275 313 506
Taxi central
Praça do Município
6200-151 Covilhã Tel: 275 323 653
Covibus - Transportes Urbanos da Covilhã S.A.
Apartado 675
6200-823 COVILHÃ
Tel: 275 098 097
Telm: 919 920 770