Abrigo da Estrela, Lda. exist for 12 years. Since 2004, this small family business is dedicated to restaurants and hotels in the city of Covilhã. Despite our short existence as Abrigo da Estrela, our true birth reports of the beginnings of the years 60's anda 70's, the industrial era of the "Wool City". José Ribeiro Corono and Georgete de Oliveira de Sousa Corono, deceased members of the Corono family at the time mentioned above, decided in mutual agreement to rent a house for commercial purposes, and have founded the still known "Corono Pension". This pension was the origin of all the businesses of our current core business.

The Corono Pension is, and has always been known as "the pension of the poor." Our whole family was born and grew up with very strong and humble social values. Proximity to help those with needs, has always been a motto and a conviction that even today is present in the current company Abrigo da Estrela.

We started our activity with some rooms, and worked in a family environment. By us have passed many people who we help rebuilding their lives, and we have a great pride in it. It was always possible to reconcile the economic factor with the social factor. In our activity prevailed the old Portuguese motto "one hand washes the other, and both wash the face", then all those we helped, contribute to the development of our activities, our knowledge, and commercial recognition.

Today the Abrigo da Estrela is represented by João José Sousa Corono, Olga Marina Silva Corono, and Irina Marta da Silva Corono. They have a small hotel consisting of 16 rooms, a restaurant, a bar, and a snack in the city of Covilhã.

Over the past years we have helped economically and socially families, people, and university students, giving them the opportunity to work in our commercial spaces.

Our rooms today are mainly occupied by public or private companies (being the University of Beira Interior our largest customer), domestic tourists looking for snow in the periods of its existence, and in the last two years, foreign tourists looking for tourist and cultural diversity that Serra da Estrela region provides.

Currently we continue with economic projects to develop and improve our services in the hotel sector. We believe that soon we will have social, economic, and cultural projects that we will be able to provide for all our customers and friends.